Animal Work - Getting Started

Before lab members can begin animal work they must be added to the appropriate IACUC protocols.  IACUC review may require 1 - 4 weeks, therefore it is critical to start this process well in advance. Contact the Protocol Analyst as soon as possible to begin this process.

It is the policy of all VPDD laboratories that each individual working with animals has a personal responsibility to be familiar and compliant with all animal protocols. 

1. Animal Allergy Questionnaire

This questionnaire must be submitted each year. 

Faculty, Staff, Postdocs, Students who are paid by Vanderbilt

Click the following link and submit the appropriate information on the form that will appear. You will be asked for your employee ID number. If you don't know it, log onto the HRS website and look at the top of the page.

Students who are not paid by Vanderbilt

  • Click the following link, type in the information "to be completed by worker", and print. 

                      IACUC Health Compliance Form for unpaid students

  • Click the following link and print the form.  Complete all questions by hand.

                      Animal Exposure Questionnaire

  • Call the Zerfoss Student Health Center (322-2427) to arrange a visit with a medical professional who will interview you and complete the forms. 
  • Return the completed forms to the Protocol Analyst (Lori Ireton) for final processing.

2. AALAS Training Courses

Complete the AALAS online training courses, as described below, and provide copies of the training certificates to the Project Consultant.

Complete appropriate AALAS online courses
1. Use your VUnetID to log onto the AALAS training websiteNote that the AALAS website will request your 7-digit employee ID number.  If you don't know it, log onto the HRS website and look at the top of the page..

2. From the "Libraries" dropdown menu near the top of the window, select "Animal Care and Use Courses"
3. Complete all of the courses listed for the following study tracks.

  • VU Mouse Users
  • VU Rat Users

Note that the last two courses are the same in both the Mouse Users and the Rat Users tracks. You only have to take those courses once.

Download and e-mail course certificates
Note: It may take several hours for the first certificates to appear.
1. From the Subscriber Center drop down menu, select “Personal Access”
2. Click the “My Transcript” link
3. For each of the listed certificates, click “exam certification” and then “Print Certificate”.
4. Click the “Print to file” check box and then “Print”.
5. Save the certificate to your desk top using the following format for the file name: <LastName> - <First Three Words of Certificate Title>
6. At a minimum, you should have the following certificates.

  • Introduction to Mice
  • Introduction to Rats
  • Working with the IACUC: non-VA version
  • Post-Procedure Care of Mice and Rats in Research: Minimizing Pain and Distress

Send the certificate PDF files via e-mail to the lab Protocol Analyst or provide a printed copy.  Print a copy of each for your own files.