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Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery

The Vanderbilt Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery has interest in scientists with experience in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry. The mission of the Vanderbilt Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery is to promote translation of advances in basic science to novel therapeutics and marketable products. With a focus on CNS disorders and allosteric mechanisms for target modulation, the Vanderbilt Center for Drug Discovery is looking for talented individuals who want to address unmet medical needs, impact human health and work in a dynamic team-oriented environment.

Medicinal Chemistry: Positions for BS/MS/PhD with >3 years experience as a medicinal chemist in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry. Excellent synthetic chemistry skills required along with the ability to develop/interpret SAR and incorporate DMPK findings into compound design. Experience in CNS therapeutic areas is preferred.

Drug Metabolism: Positions for BS/MS/PhD chemists. While entry level candidates for BS/MS positions may be considered, we prefer experience in DMPK, especially in pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry settings. For in vitro DM candidates, this includes experience conducting CYP (P450), protein binding and microsome/hepatocyte stability assays along with other standard DM assays. Candidates for an in vivo DMPK position should have experience with animal handling, animal surgery and rodent pharmacokinetic dose and draw.

Analytical Chemist / Mass Spectroscopist: Analytical chemist with extensive experience in mass spectrometry to work with the DMPK team. Experience in small molecule mass spec analysis is required.

Pharmacology ( in vitro and in vivo ): Positions for BS/MS/PhD with >3 years experience. Candidates for an in vitro pharmacology position should have experience in mammalian tissue culture and pharmacological experiments such as concentration-response curves and binding assays.

Pharmacology ( in vivo ): Candidates for an in vivo behavioral pharmacology position should have experience in rodent behavioral pharmacology, animal surgery and genotyping. Candidates will participate in all phases of experimental design, execution and analysis of behavioral studies with novel CNS therapeutic agents.

All positions require excellent communication and computer skills, the ability to work under moderate supervision and a high level of motivation and creativity. We offer competitive salary and benefits, commensurate with experience. Vanderbilt University is an equal opportunity employer.


Please check the Vanderbilt Human Resources for current position openings.


Cellular/Molecular Neurobiology

Postdoctoral position in cellular/molecular neurobiology is available at Vanderbilt University. The successful candidate will join a research group that employs a highly multidisciplinary approach to explore the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in neuromodulation and regulation of animal behavior. The laboratory uses a combination of biochemical, molecular biological, imaging, electrophysiological and behavioral techniques to study regulation of neuronal function by metabotropic glutamate receptors and other G-protein-linked receptors. Also, we have a strong interest in relating cellular and molecular changes to disorders of the central nervous system, including Parkinson's disease and schizophrenia.

Research Faculty positions also available for outstanding candidates.

Conn Lab

Please check the Vanderbilt Human Resources for current position openings.